Friday, September 25, 2009

Going Camping!!

We are going CAMPING next weekend!!!!!! I cant wait! And only 3 1/2 weeks of school left till I finnish block 1 and get a break, hallelujah!! Good news all around! Oh, and I might get an 'A' which is almost impossible in this class, can I get a double hallelujah (actually i'll wait on that double hallelujah till I know if I really do get an 'A' cause it's gonna be close.) I will definitely post some camping pics. in a week or so when we get back. Lets see, clinicals have been going good, I give shots in the hospital and some other cool stuff. I went to radiology for a day and watched some minor surgeries but, quickly found out that I was not meant to be an O.R. Nurse after almost fainting twice and having to leave the room. Oh well, there's lots more in nursing I can do that doesn't involve cutting people open. Work is good, marriage is great, our dog is as cute as ever, and I am very blessed. I am now reading the Eragon series that Brian let me borrow and they are so good. Im still only on the first book which as soon as i'm done typing this I am gonna go read it! Well I love all of my family so much and send all my love to all of you especially the ones I don't get to see Scott's fam, Danelle's fam, and my white & nerdy sis Aimee & fam.