Friday, September 25, 2009

Going Camping!!

We are going CAMPING next weekend!!!!!! I cant wait! And only 3 1/2 weeks of school left till I finnish block 1 and get a break, hallelujah!! Good news all around! Oh, and I might get an 'A' which is almost impossible in this class, can I get a double hallelujah (actually i'll wait on that double hallelujah till I know if I really do get an 'A' cause it's gonna be close.) I will definitely post some camping pics. in a week or so when we get back. Lets see, clinicals have been going good, I give shots in the hospital and some other cool stuff. I went to radiology for a day and watched some minor surgeries but, quickly found out that I was not meant to be an O.R. Nurse after almost fainting twice and having to leave the room. Oh well, there's lots more in nursing I can do that doesn't involve cutting people open. Work is good, marriage is great, our dog is as cute as ever, and I am very blessed. I am now reading the Eragon series that Brian let me borrow and they are so good. Im still only on the first book which as soon as i'm done typing this I am gonna go read it! Well I love all of my family so much and send all my love to all of you especially the ones I don't get to see Scott's fam, Danelle's fam, and my white & nerdy sis Aimee & fam.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Start of nursing school!

Hey guys, this will be short and sweet because truly i am supposed to be studying right now and not creating a blog. It seems like every time I'm supposed to be studying I suddenly find that I have a urge to do the more dreadful tasks I've put off instead. For example, dishes and laundry suddenly sound appealing or reorganizing my closet. That's when I truly know that I desperately don't want to study. But regardless, in the end I still have to study and when I have put it off so long I go into a serious cram mode! I have been very successful in the past with cramming, but I do realize that I will have to be a lot more organized and disciplined if I plan on surviving nursing school. I have a fourth block mentor who's advise is "STUDY STUDY STUDY!!!!" (great advice). It's only been 3 weeks and I already feel way behind in my reading. Wait, did I say I feel way behind in my reading? Ha ha ha ha, what I meant was I AM way behind on my reading. We are assigned at least 15 chapters a week!!!! At that rate we have already gone halfway through a 1600 page medical text book, 75% of the way through a 700 page nursing math and calculations text book, and various other text books that I have not so much as opened the plastic covering off of it! SAVE ME!!! On the up side, I just took my first test and quiz. I got 100% on the quiz after having to debate an error on the quiz with the teacher. Luckily, I did read that chapter, remembered the page where I got my answer, and successfully proved my teacher wrong on the question, so I got full credit :)!! My first test I also got an A!!
I am now trained in taking blood pressure, giving bed baths, transferring patients, administering medications along with my favorite apparently; giving a suppository (there's a story behind that), giving head to toe assessments, making a bed, and other small various things. Now, like I mentioned there was a story behind the whole suppository thing. When we were in class talking about administering medications, the teacher only briefly mentioned something about suppository's. I started to freak out a little that in a few weeks we will be going to our clinicals at the hospital and I might actually have to put a suppository in!! I have no idea how the heck to stick one in, I mean obviously it goes in the butt, but how far?? I'd hate to be in a situation where I have to invade someones very personal space and get it wrong and have to go through with it again! So anyway, I raise my hand and foolishly ask some questions about it. Well, apparently there was a whole section and a VIDEO on inserting a suppository so the teacher was cracking jokes about how I just couldn't wait to hear about inserting the suppository. Then when the video came around the way she introduced the film was "now were gonna watch Susie's favorite video" So giving suppositories became my favorite according to my class. Can someone say EMBARRASSING!! Well I'm for sure I will have lots of very funny stories in the future along with stories about the female robot who actually gives birth to a robot baby while yelling at you LOL. Love you all. I also included some pictures of all the books I am reading so you can get an idea of the HUGE amount I'm talking about and also my medical kit of all the cool stuff I get to keep and practice with. They actually gave us lots of cool stuff real needles and all! Susie

P.S did I mention that a suppository has to go 3 to 4 inches inside a butt!! my longest finger is not even 3 inches, you get the picture!!!